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Everyday bicycles

Classic Swiss women's and men's 3-speeds as well as bicycles with 28" beaded edge tyres, classic military (farmers) bicycles and british cycles.

Road bikes

Mostly traditional steel frames from about 1960 - 1980

Children's bicycles

Children 3 wheelers, kids bicycles with chain drive, scooters and BMX.

Swiss Army Bicycles (Ordonnanzrad 05)

Swiss Army Bicycles (Swiss Army bicycle 05) and various boxes with matching spare parts


Several tandems from the 20's, 30's and 80's. There are also gearbox bicycle, postal bicycles and folding bikes.

Spare parts and tools

Selection of wheels, handlebars, lights, rare leather saddles, bearings etc ...

Everyday bicycles

Classic 3-speeds

Titan gents, 28", Sturmey Archer 3-speed, 50's, mechanically overhauled (total service)

Beaded rims, 1-speed

Torpedo (Frankfurt), 28" beaded ladies cycle, in original paint, revised incl. nickel work, 20's

Military (farmer) bicycles

Cyclo (Porrentruy), 26" beaded edge rims, military bicycle in its original condition

Race bikes

Cilo racer ca. 1980


Coronado, Reynolds 501, 80s


Road bikes, racers to go ...

Children's bicycles

Wisa Gloria 3 wheel, 50s

Kids chopper no-name, 70s

Kemp 3 wheel, 60s

Swiss Army bicycles

A selection of Swiss Army Bicycles (Ordonnanzrad 05)

Completly rebuilded

Various vintage cycles

Rarities / Specials

Condor (Courfaivre) therapy tricycle from the 50's, top condition

Men's bicycle with 3-speed, Oscar Egg derailleur

Monark exercise cycle from the 40's - 50's! Top rarity!

Schwinn Cruizer with Springer fork, anniversary model "100 years Schwinn"

Postal Bike 1944


Tandem from the 30s

Spare parts and tools

Rare hubs, torpedo 1,2,3-speed and various

Various fork bearings and crank bearings

Various leather saddles, including rare racing saddles

Wide range of cycle-specific tools; among others different straightening and cutting tools

Selection of different mechanical bells (very old)

Rare reflectors (cat's eyes) and a variety of handlegrips

Ladies british bicycle

Condor 50's

Oscar Egg derailleur

Oscar Egg shiftlever

Eiger sports bicycle

Cow horn grips

Chain ring

Philips crank plate

Allegro chain ring

Cosmos Militaire

Walco Mini Velo (folder)

Hubs selection

Phoebus Mutaped 3-speed

Oldschool leather saddle

Oldschool leather saddle Renard

3-speed hub

Spokes and crank axis

Titan Men's

Titlis psycle

Chain ring Torpedo bike

Oldschool cantilever brake

Condor nameplate

Zesar Biel Maxim

Cyclo Porrentrui

Mercier Racing front brake

Swiss Army Bicycle (Ordonnanrad 05) 1927


Peugeot ladies



Torpedo nameplate

Bonanza cycle

Follis tandem

Tandem chain ring

Children trailer (prototype)

Children 3-wheel small

Some handlebars

Condor badge

Follis badge

Condor crank plate

Phillips british

Philipps 50's lamp

Racer Fork Reynolds

Straightening tool and straightening gauge

Tail lights

Condor Tandem springer fork 20's



Beaded edge rims NOS with pinstriping

Cilo racer

Coronado road bike

The road bikes

Swiss Army Bicycle (Ordonnanzrad 05)

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